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Friskie fries???? Help, what are friskie fries? I live in Louisiana and we will eat just about anything down here, so please tell, we might need to make some! I guess we need to include that new book on the packing list....1000 uses for vinegar!

That reminds me of my friend from Michigan who came to visit! First of all she arrived on a sultry August night......totally unprepared for a nice summer day in Louisiana! I thought she would die each time she walked outside. I made jambalaya for dinner. She looked in the pot and said...I don't think I can eat that! I shrugged, said okay...there's the frig. She saw the grandchildren eating the jambalaya and figured if kids ate it, it might be worth a try. She loved it. The same thing happened at every meal. She now likes gumbo, sauce picante (I didn't have the heart to tell her it was alligator! Told her it was chicken!), grillades and grits, etouffee, crawfish bisque, etc. The hardest thing for her was boiled crawfish. She hated getting her hands messy and couldn't believe we ate off of newspaper. Never could get her to suck the heads! She has since moved back to the frozen Nawth and I miss her so much!
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