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Default Luggage problem

I read Westcruiser's opinion, and it dawned on me that failed to mention this when I replied earlier.

A few years ago (I mentioned earlier how I (1st time) enjoyed Carnival's Triumph Cruise last year) we (this will be 3rd time on RCCL) took a cruise. Unfortunately, we wound up with a lot of problems, not really because of RCCL, but because of the Taxi service that took care of our luggage when we got off the plane. You might want to keep this in mind, just in case...........this had never happen before, but as they learn from your mistakes. These taxi's were large. They loaded our luggage, as well as people. When it came for us to get in the taxi, it was too full, so we had to take another one, and our luggage went on. To make the long story short, our luggage as well as 3 other couples wound up on another ship, and we did not get it back for almost 5 days. To say the least the Purser's desk knew us real good. Along with this there was a lot of tears too. They tried (it is always good to take out insurance too) to help us out, but when you only have two outfits to wear, one we wore on the plane, one we carried on with our carryon. They did provide us with nice formal dresses, but of course, they don't fit like your own. When I got my luggage back, it looked like it had been kicked by a football player out of the airplane. They tried to fix it, and sort of did, but (as I said before, it is good to have insurance) I wound up getting another set, as this set was really in bad shape.

Hopefully this never happens to anyone else, just take the precautions I have told you about, when cruising.
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