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Originally Posted by DougR.
I have 2 questions:

1. Was your condition pre-existing?

2. If so, did you buy the insurance within 14 days of booking your cruise?

If the answer to question 1 is yes and question 2 is no, you are out of luck.

I had a claim with Travel Guard back in 2001 when we had to cancel a cruise due to my stepdaughter being diagnosed with Lymphoma. Since I did not purchase the insurance within 14 days of booking the cruise, I had to submit extensive paperwork from the physicians showing that it was not a preexisting condition. Once submitted, they paid without hesitiation.

Because of my experience, I have now insured all of my cruises with them.
Doug, I'm very glad your situation worked out. According to my attorney these travel insurance companies revise policy fairly frequently. He informed me that claim denial is quite common in the travel insurance industry and usually can be resolved through litigation. He is willing to take my case on contingency so he must be pretty sure of himself. The issue that bothers me most is the Travel Guard salesperson misleading me to believe I had been completely informed of all the important aspects of this policy. It was my mistake for not reading the policy word for word but I skimmed the policy and expected the company to be honest and above board. Most importantly, my condition was, according to my attorney, should not have been deemed a preexisting condition; therefore even if I had read the policy word for word I'd still have this denial of claim situation.

However this turns out, I would like to warn all the other cruisers reading this to be aware when buying travel may not really know if you are completely covered. Talking with the salesperson, reading and understanding the policy is only part of the equation. Keep in mind there is someone, typically on a fat commission, that is trying to sell you the policy and someone being paid to review your claim and do their best to not give away company money. It's beginning to be as much of a gamble with insurance as it is without!

I won't debate the insurance salespeople or representatives of insurance companies that frequent this board, as they will undoubtedly try to defend their positions. I know the games as well as they do now. Unfortunately, I will let my attorney handle the debates. Buyer beware.
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