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This happen to me in our Bank.

My husband when in the Bank first to stand in line. (Our Bank is always busy.) I finished my cell phone call and went in a few minutes later.

When I walked in...he already had advanced up in the line towards the Tellers and there was now a number of people waiting behind as I walked past them toward the front where my husband was standing...a woman grabbed my arm and hissed..."Where do you think you're going? The end of the line is back there!"

I just looked down at her hand which was clutching MY arm and said..."Lady, you have just assaulted me". She immediately dropped her hand and her jaw...and then I added, “I was going to stand next to my husband, who IS up there!"

As her nervous tension built while waiting, she saw me moving forward and assumed that I was cutting in line. She was very wrong and sorry, etc...but she had NO RIGHT to put her hands on me...that's a physical assault and I let her know it. I don't think she will ever do that again. People need to remember their boundaries! If they can’t...we need to remind them in a calm firm manner.

You see, this woman could have smiled and said, “Excuse me...but the end of the line is back there.? This would have given me the opportunity to explain, “Oh yes I know, but my husband is UP there?. We’d harm done.

We all enjoy being the recipient of good manners. When someone says, Thank you; Please; Excuse me; we feel appreciated and it can smooth over any rough spots if a situation is tense or uncomfortable.

I’ll be the first to admit that it takes constant effort now days to show good manners, especially when most of the people we interact with may not. But we'll not lower our standards because it easier or more expedite.
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