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Default Re: shore excursions.

Originally Posted by Michael52142
Wow Nmnita are you feeling OK, She is right on the money, and I mean money. Book your shore excursions where ever you can on your own. You will save a lot of money. You can go to ship reviews and then to readers reviews and learn a lot about getting your shore excursions through NCLA or on your own. I will let it speak for it's self. Michael 52142
Michael, I was trying to ignore your comments (not this one per say) but I did want you to know, if you have read what I have said on other boards and other forums you would know I am not alsays a supporter of any cruise line. I do not hide the fact I am a loyalist (NCL) because we happen to enjoy the freestyle concept, have always had good cruises and good service on the line. We like relaxed vacations and not a lot of formality. We also can accept the formality on some lines for the ship or itinerary. My gripe comes when I read, what I consider unjust cruiticisms (spelling) of anything in life. I also can not tolerate snobbery. No one is better than someone else just because of where the live, thier education or how much money they make. Some on these boards can't seem to understand that. BTW I am not referring to you when I make these statements.

I can guarantee you, as a TA I am very objective, try not to inject my own preferrances into decisions others make and listen to my clients. By asking questions and listening I normally can match the client with the right vacation. Have I made mistakes? Sure I have, but not too many.

Every line has a place on the seas, few lines appeal to only one type of cruiser and when I see anyone equate a cruise line with the class of individuals that travel on them I get furious. There are many millionaires, highle educated or just plain classy people who love NCL. There are others who have worked hard just to be able to vacation every few years who choose HAL because they are comfortable with the line.

Now, I will get off my high horse. BTW< I do not think NCL is without fault and certainly isn't for everyone. I have said that many times and will continue to say it.
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