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Default Cruising is what you make of it.

First Great post paa5481 that is the kind of post that is very helpful.

Next, Sniff, Nmnita, please don’t ignore me. In short, all I am saying is that a buck is a buck weather you have a million or a thousand. You and I, both know that the kind of money that is spent on cruises is not pocket change. You should get your moneys worth, now if you are telling me that by spending less money on NCL is an excuse for bad service, and you know better then anyone that the service on the NCL American line at best, is almost non existent. Why should any one pay for that kind of abuse? Like the posting just before this, (rogmc’s posting re: Hawaii ) which recommends that one spend just a little more money and get a good value on RCL or Princess. Don’t stay mad at me, I don’t think you would really ever intentionally sell a bad cruise to anyone. To all who cruise, have a great time. Michael
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