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Default Re: MSC OPERA 3/10/07

Originally Posted by nmnita
Originally Posted by joybaby
We will be on the OPERA on 3/10/07 and looking forward to the Italian cuisine.
Are we sailing alone?????
I have clients that just returned from the Opera last week. Their feelings: the ship is in awesome condition, probably the cleanest ship they have cruised. Beleive me, that is saying something as they cruise 3 or 4 times a year. The entertainment was also the best they have seen but I don't want to disappoint you: I know food is subjective; their comments, it was totally inedible but sub par for sure. BTW, you may want to go to the roll call section of this forum and of the CC forum to find others cruising with you. I see you have been on CC, have you visited the roll call section? NMnita
Thanks for the info. We are quite sure we won't starve and always look at the positive, so we should be fine. I did go to roll call, thanks!

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