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Default Re: Cruising is what you make of it.

Originally Posted by Michael52142
First Great post paa5481 that is the kind of post that is very helpful.

Next, Sniff, Nmnita, please don’t ignore me. In short, all I am saying is that a buck is a buck weather you have a million or a thousand. You and I, both know that the kind of money that is spent on cruises is not pocket change. You should get your moneys worth, now if you are telling me that by spending less money on NCL is an excuse for bad service, and you know better then anyone that the service on the NCL American line at best, is almost non existent. Why should any one pay for that kind of abuse? Like the posting just before this, (rogmc’s posting re: Hawaii ) which recommends that one spend just a little more money and get a good value on RCL or Princess. Don’t stay mad at me, I don’t think you would really ever intentionally sell a bad cruise to anyone. To all who cruise, have a great time. Michael
Michael, I don't think anyone should sell a bad cruise and yes, there are many complaints about the NCLA product but there are also those who either have had a great time or can overlook the problems for the pleasure of seeing the islands. There are other lines that do the islands; they all start from here or acutally Mexico or someplace and sail to Hawaii. Most of the them are not only expensive but 10 days or longer which not everyone can either afford the cost or the time.

I have had friends, not clients who cruied POA and couldn't rave enough about their experience.

This isn't to say yours wasn't the worst, I certainly am not doubting what you are saying and would I recommend NCLA to just anyone? Absolutely not, but the entire situation with a ships or in this case, 3, that are American flagged is so different than cruising on ships with an international crew. This may not ever change, that is why compaines, in the past that have tried the American flagged only idea have always failed. Someone mentioned on another website the only answer might be to have a luxury catagory company take over the islands, offering a good product but of course at a very high price tag.

It bothers me when someone has a really bad experience or a less than satisfactory one they decide to blast an entire cruise line. I have sold enough cruises and cruised enough myself to know the very top of the line companies have ships that are not what most of us expect for our buck. If we are to let that stop us from cruising that line again, all companies would be out of business pretty darn fast. I am sure you have dined at restaurants with great reputations and had a bad experience. this isn't saying you should ever cruise NCL again, that is your decision, but I don't think I would let one bad apple ruin the barrel.
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