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I am having trouble picking out our most romantic moment. We have felt like we were on borrowed time, since we started cruising, so much of our time has been romantic.

Our romance has always included laughter. I will never forget the "new "cabin steward" Who pushed our twin beds together instead of making them up as one big bed, and me falling through the crack. Jim saying "I'll get maintenance, and me saying "No you won't" I was stuck!! The first time we had a moment to ourselves on our first cruise. We were sitting by ourselves at a little table on the Ecstasy. To us there was no one on the ship but us. Our fingers were entwined, and the sun was setting behind him, and he tells me "well baby, welcome to your cruise" The time he got the drink of the day, and me tasting it, for the first time, when I kissed him. Darn Kuki all of this lead up to **** I hope that doesn't mean mud wrestling. I might not be understanding you.

Unlike BW and his dreams, we have had some very nice times on the balcony. The moon was shinning on the water, the ships lights illuminated the water around us. He told me how much he loved me. We thanked each other for finding the other, and for bringing so much laughter and love to our lives. We kissed, we hugged, we shared a drink, we talked about how warm and inviting the water was. At that point it was time.... You know Kuki the mud wrestling part, a small rouge wave hit the ship, and soaked us to the skin.

Then there was the time, in fact this last cruise. We were again on the balcony, and much of the romance of above went on, but this time he confirmed what I had suspected. He was again going back to Iraq. With our tears, were words of love. Words of dedication to each other, and as we kissed, the man in the next balcony began to sing, "We've only Just begun." It was very light. barely heard, but it was there. AS he finished, I thanked him, again very softly, and he said God Bless you, and your husband. There is your romance story. Oh heck Kuki, we mud wrestled that night too. I can't think of one
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