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Default Re: Ship's "SECRET" cabins

OK - I'll have to go and look up cabin numbers but for now -

Celebration, Jubilee and Holiday - very aft outside cabins have very large cabins - about half again the size of a regular cabin with a very large window overlooking the wheel wash - these cabins do vibrate a lot but we love the size and view.

Inspiration - the outside aft cabins on Empress deck only have access to a stairway that leads to the children's center and on out to a deck on the back of the ship - not used by many and not usually even found by many so that you have your own large private deck out back one floor up. I tried this on the ELation but the stairway went to a conference room and was blocked off. This is great because up one more deck is the kiddy pool and one more is the alternate dining and coffee!!!! My morning have to have...

Destiny - very front of ship on deck 8 I beleive is an outside balcony that is excessable by a door on the side of the ship. No body was ever there and any cabin here would have a great private balcony for free!

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