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Okay Tim, Let's work with it.......

Tim's Romantic Cruise
as told to Melody Still

In the months prior to our last cruise my thoughts often wandered to the day I married my beautiful wife. It was a glorious day! She looked like an angel walking toward me.

In the years since our marriage, this wonderful woman has endured countless dance classes with me. She also graciously allows the women in attendance to dance with her man. When I finally return to her arms, I realize just how lucky I am.

I've often wondered how I could let the world know of my passion for the partner God brought into my life. Then one day it hit me. I put my plan into action. I wasn't sure when, but I knew the world would know I loved this woman more than life itself.

We were on a cruise celebrating our tenth anniversary. As I stared at this lovely vision sitting across the table from me, my hand slipped into my pocket. I felt it. I had been carrying it with me so long, I had almost forgotten about it. I rose from the table and walked to her. I opened a jewelry box as I lowered to one knee.

Her smile was all the encouragement I needed. The tears in her eyes filled my heart. Right there, in front of hundreds of complete strangers, I professed my love to the only woman in my life. I asked her if she would once again recite the vows that bound us together.

The next day she walked toward me and ten years seemed to melt away. There she was, looking as lovely as she did on our wedding day. When we finished our vows, I placed the ring she deserved on her finger and swept her into my arms for a slow, passionate kiss. She went weak in my arms. It was then I knew how much she loved me too!


I bet this is exactly how it went, but as a guy, you tend to leave out the details that make it romantic!


If you are going to walk on thin ice, you may as well dance!
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