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Default Re: Thanks for the tips

Originally Posted by Patches
Thanking you all. I think I should have never found this message board. The negativity has me quite worried. I will write about our cruise when we return. We would like to write positive things,hoping for the best.


May all cruises sail into the sunset, and to a great new day.
Patches what you get out of any experiece has a lot to do with attitude. Actually you have a head start: you have learned a lot from these boards. Many that go on cruises, especially the older ships or the bargain priced ones expect the Four Seasons not Holiday Inn. You have a fair warning, the ship isn't glitz and glamour, nor will the bells be winging. Going with this in mind you may have a much better time than you think you will. Yes, do get back to us. Happy cruisin 8)
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