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Our worst tablemates:

On Carnival, a man who wouldn't let his wife order her own meal. He kept telling her what to order instead of what she wanted! Then he proceeded to order at least two of everything on the menu for himself (I have no problem with people ordering extras, but this was "overkill"!).

On Princess (Anytime Dining, thank goodness!), a newly married couple (married on the ship). He was so abusive! He knocked over his water onto her plate and her, and paid no attention as my DH and the waiter cleaned it up. The waiter wanted to bring her another plate, but she "cowered" and said no. We saw them in the photo gallery and said "hi" and he grabbed her and pulled her away! Then I saw her in the casino bar and we talked for a minute, but she said she had to get back to the table with her husband's drink or he would be mad. I truly hope that she's gotten away from this guy !

And, on several ships, people who talk about how much $$ they make or how much they paid for their cruise. Is this really any of my (or anyone else's) business???
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