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When we took my stepson & his friend on a cruise, they sat us with another family w/2 boys. The oldest one was fine, but the rest of the family was so ridiculous, I couldn't believe it! The youngest son kept asking our VERY hard working waitress with the STUPIDEST questions, and his parents never insisted he stop doing that. I finally made some comment that he should ask his questions of her lately when she isn't working so hard, and his family agreed. What a moron!!

The rest of the family was pretty ridiculous too, with the grandfather telling the same stupid joke over and over again. I have patience with older people usually, but I think he was being stupid on purpose!

During one of our free sitting breakfast meals, we met these 2 very interesting gals! One had worked on building the subway in New York City and was very fascinating to talk to! Guess we should have asked for another table, but guess I was worried about being terribly rude. But I think I'll just muster my courage the next time! Too many interesting and nice people to meet whilst cruising to waste on some I don't care for..

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