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On one cruise, we were at a table for eight. One couple did not speak any English. They were very polite and pleasant, but we couldn't talk. Second couple was young and very much into trying to pretend to be upper class. If you have to pretend, it's never true. Thought at first that the other seats would stay empty, until waiter came over and moved one chair away. He then wheeled in a woman in a wheelchair and her attendant. The woman had very advanced cerebal palsy and could not do anything on her own. Attendant had to cut her food into tiny bites and feed her, give her water through a straw, etc. At first we were a tad disappointed since it looked like we would not have anyone to chat with, but we decided to stay put.
Over the course of the week, I found out through the attendant that the disabled woman had spent her life barely able to function at all. But, she has one dream and that was to take a cruise. She saved up for decades, until she coud afford to go and take someone who could care for her.
We were both humbled and touched by the huge spirit inside of that restricted lady. She had been dealt a really tough hand in life and still went for her dreams.
Okay, my Pollyanna post is over. But, I will never forget her. I have developed serious health problems myself and that lady is my touchstone when I start slipping into a pool of self pity.
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