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[quote="Angelgal"]Hi Pat, I read your cruise review. I have five questions. What was the age range or medium age of the VTG Singles hosted group?>>>>I would guess mid-40s.
What was the average age of the majority of other cruisers on the ship?
>>>>>>>Probably 50s-60s.Did you see or meet any singles outside of the VTG Singles? >>>No. It looked to be all couples or groups/families.
My last questions is..... is it better to cruise with a singles group on these luxury ships?>>>>[b]It depends. I was on the Crystal Serenity one summer in Europe and there were perhaps 20 singles, mostly men.
What are the chances that a solo person would have fun and meet other non-hosted singles on these ships?>>>As I said, it depends, mostly on the season and where you are sailing.
The main reason I am asking these questions is because on the Oosterdam ship I noticed that most of the regular
cruisers were in their 80's and 90's. I am wondering what age group is attracted to the luxury ships.>>>I didn't see anyone that looked to be over 70ish.
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