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Default Re: what a topic!

Originally Posted by michellet1959
I'm going on a 4-day Bahamas in late July with my 14 year old son and he'll only be "alone" when he's in the bathroom. I love him enough to smother/protect him (and he knows that). If he wants to hang with other teens, it will be on a public desk where I can hang out nearby and read a book with an eye on him. No teen excursions for him. We'll explore Nassau and Freeport on an excursion together or the beach.
While I am, of course, not familiar with your family and the maturity level of your teen, I think you may be taking the protective mother role a bit far. Such "smothering" can cause resentment and may result in negative behavior. I agree about off the boat excursions, however, teen activities on board are well organized and supervised. If you allow him that it will free your time as well. I do not consider insisting on hanging out close by unreasonable when it is not an organized activity.

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