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We had a good one last week. On the second night of the cruise, we walked into the dining room right at 8:30, and saw two people sitting at our table. Our waiter had just walked out of the back, saw this and went over to talk to the two people at our table (table for 2). All I heard him say was something about the table number on his sea pass card being 000 and he couldn't find that table. The waiter (pretty firmly) told them that he would find them the maitre d', but in the meantime, they needed to get up immediately so we could have our table. The guy himmed and hawed so I finally went up and said something to the effect that he wouldn't appreciate it if I came into the dining room ignorant of where my table was and hijacked his table. He was not pleased, but him and his wife did get up.

I was surprised and impressed with how the waiter dealt with this. Guess he was showing concern for his "real" customers.
Still trying to figure out how these people went a day and a half on the ship without bothering to find out where they were supposed to sit for dinner.

Everytime we would see them for the rest of the cruise, my wife and I would say that they were the Steve and Rachel from a parallel universe of stupidity. Everytime they noticed us, they would shoot dirty looks at us.

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