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We have only shared a table with others on our first cruise. I really enjoyed the couple we sat with however, their younger daughter and her son I could have lived without.
It was a shame too because the couple were lovely people and they are the kind of folks you meet and could have a long friendship with. One evening we are sitting at dinner and my two year old daughter wanted a some bread, when she reached to the bread plate on the wrong side of her and it happened to belong to the 6 or 7 year old boy, he balls up his fist and rears back to like he's going to punch her, when I caught his hand in midair and explained that we were very sorry she took his bread from the wrong plate and we'd make sure he got more, but that he would not be hitting my two year old daughter regardless. This kid had to weigh well over 100 pounds and would put away a couple dozen chicken nuggets for dinner I kid you not, he was definitely not starving. Anyhow, from that night on we made sure that dd and ds were sitting between d/h and I. That was bad enough, then a few days later I run into the mother of the bully, and she plops down next to me in the casino and commences to tell me that she just lost all of her money and wants me to float her a loan so she doesn't have to tell her parents what happened to all of her money. I would die a 1000 deaths before I would do something like that...I just don't get it.
Bizarre how such nice people can have such rotten kids and grandkids.
I think thats when I stopped wanting to share a table with others.
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