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I just had a bad experience with Tanzinite Internation in Costa Maya. My husband and I each wanted an Alexandrite ring. Quite hard to find. Of course, the ship recommends DI or Tanzanite International. Same difference. We each bought a ring. $16,300 total purchase. When we got home the rings went immediately for appraisal for insurance purposes. The jeweler said he did not appraise Alexandrite but did take a look at my husbands ring. The stone was loose and the band was cracked. The following day he took mine to another jeweler for appraisal. This gentleman told him that the stone in my ring has chips around the girdle. Of course, we called DI and the only thing they will do is repair, replace or give a store credit. Can I trust them to replace my stone with a good one??? I'm not sure I have trust in them. If they allow 2 rings to go out of a store damaged how can there be any consumer trust? Another thing about purchasing from them is, you are not aware that there is a no money back issue until you pay for the item and get your receipt. It is printed on the back. I have had much better luck buying from the small, independent stores on the islands than this large chain. I have bought diamonds from 2 different stores in St. Thomas and both appraised for $3,000 to $4,000 more than the purchase price. Believe me, I've learned my lesson about DI. I will tell anyone not to shop there. I'm sure the cruise ships wouldn't recommend them if they did not receive a fee to do so.
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