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Don't feel bad bigbird. You're not the only one that TI took advantage of. We bought 2 Alexandrite rings in Costa Maya at the TI store. When we took them for appraisals we found that my husbands ring had a loose stone and the bad was cracked. With my ring, there are small chips around the girdle of the stone. They offer no money back with the warranty. Only to repair, replace or store credit. This was a #16,000 total purchase. I called Carnival and she also told me there would be no money back offer. This is the store policy. Now, how can I trust a company that allowed 2 defective pieces of jewelry to leave their store. Maybe it's just the workmanship in Costa Maya store but how can we be sure? As far as your problem is concerned, I think you should get a replacement stone. I talked to someone that Carnival put me in touch with that is responsible for the shops that Carnival reommends. She told me that the only way to get your money is if the appraisal is off by 1 grade. Now, to me, a stone that much smaller than it was supposed to be should qualify. Good luck. Please post the outcome of this.
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