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I know that this is much later than the original post date of this topic but I had to reply to it. DI is not a good place to shop in my opinion. I, also, have bought things at small jewelry stores in St. Thomas and have always got very good deals. I've had the diamonds appraised when I got home and found they appraised much higher than the purchase price. I was also told that I could get my money back if the piece didn't appraise to my satisfaction. Not so with Diamonds Internationl. My husband spent a very large sum of money on 2 rings at Tanzanite Internation in Costa Maya. When we got home we found that the band of his ring was cracked and the stone was loose. Mine was much worse. The jeweler told us that the stone (Alexandrite) had small chips all around the girdle. Now, we're trying to deal with TI. No money back. Only repair, replace or store credit. Would anyone trust them to replace the stone with another after they allowed 2 rings to leave their store that were defective? We're sick.
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