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Originally Posted by rescuedad

Basic question.

If a person has a known heart condition will a policy be more expensive than a healthy person?

If a person does not disclose a heart condition and has a heart attack onboard, will he be covered for say, needing an airlift back to the states?

If you meet the conditions of the Pre-Existing Conditions Waiver (usually if the policy is purchased within 7 or 14 days of making the initial cruise deposit) you can have a heart or other chronic condition and the policy will not be more expensive. No health questions are required for the policy.

If you do not meet the conditions of the Pre-Existing Conditions Waiver, and you do make a health related claim, then you will be required to disclose your entire medical history, for at least 90 - 180 days (varies by policy) prior to the time you purchased the insurance.

Most policies price by age of the buyer, total cost of the trip and the part of the world you are traveling.

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