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Default Packing a bag to take on excursions? Recommendations please!

We are going to be in Freeport for 9 hours, and then Nassau for 24 hours (Bahamas). What do most of you do, or recommend, that I carry with me? Should I take a tote-size bag to carry things in? A back pack? What all should we take ashore with us? I know we will need money obviously, and since we are going on a jeep adventure and it recommended towel, etc, I will need something for that, and probably a change of clothes. But do most people carry something small or what? Also, do you recommend leaving passports on ship? Reason I ask is if something were to happen and you'd miss the ship, what would you do without your passport...

Also, if you do have a bag/wallet with you, what should ya do with it when you are swimming in th ocean? I'd hate to leave it on the sand so that someone coudl take my credit card, cash, etc!

Thanks for the help!! We leave in 2 1/2 weeks!
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