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Default I'll Never Understand........

I have been posting on several cruise Message Boards for many years and enjoy it very much. If I can't be on a ship at least I can be reading and talking about cruising/ships.

On the various Boards I visit, there are always more people who read and do not post than people who post on a regular basis.

I have never been able to understand how some folks don't ever post on any thread. I can see that maybe many threads don't interest them enough to post or maybe they don't have anything to add but for NO SUBJECTS? It is a puzzle to me that they wouldn't want to express an opinion about anything, ever ask a question, every answer a question or simply play around a little.

Of course there is absolutely nothing wrong with that but it is a puzzle to me. Maybe because I 'talk so much'.

Can someone try to explain to me. Thanks.
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