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Its strictly a guess, but I think a lot of people are somewhat intimidated. All to often, on the internet, a person takes that plunge and submits their first post of their opinions. Then, inevitably they get beat up and flamed and discouraged.

The internet tends to be a harsh environment. Not so much on the cruise boards, but in a lot of other forums. People tend to be much more bold and controversial than they would ever be in person. A lot of times you find yourself embroiled in a flame war trying to defend your opinion, or worse, your likes and dislikes. It always struck me as being odd that I should have to defend what I like or dont like. But, it happens. Even here.

Ultimately, a lot of lurkers read these flame wars and just decide to opt out of any involvement.

I may be totally off base here, but its an observation that comes from years of internet surfing and participation in a variety of forums.

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