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These are wonderful places to visit and perfectly safe, if you are a smart tourist. So follow the usual rules about not flashing jewelry and watch your camera and packages. This applies everywhere in the world, including right here in my hometown, NYC.

Personally, I have found the people of Turkey to be some of the most friendly people in the world.

While there are bad apples everywhere, including here at home, my most common experience is that people will respond to you based on how you treat them. If you are friendly, they will be also. If you are stuffy and arrogant, they will give you the cold shoulder.

I have found in all my travels that most people have the capacity to separate a person from his/her country's politics. One thing I learned and respect very much is most people love their homelands just as much as we love ours. Talk to the shopkeepers, the restaurant owners, the people waiting on line with you at the stores, etc. While they are friendly and curious about meeting travelers, they also love being given the opportunity to tell you about their culture as well.

Have fun and make lots of new friends,
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