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Originally Posted by You
I want to plan a cruise to Hawaii. what month of the year would the best time? Is the 15 days to long? I enjoy the days at sea, but we are going with a group of friends. Some want to fly to Hawaii and then cruise, others want the days at sea. I hear Hawaii is very costly. Any ideas?
The two week cruise to Hawai'i is great, and the four days at sea are much better than six hours on an airplane each way!

As to time of year, you have to go when the ships operate on that route. Most of the ships that offer Hawai'i itineraries cruise to Alaska from May until September, so and several of these ships mix the cruises to Hawai'i with other itneraries such as Panama Canal or Mexican Riviera. Thus, you can book cruises to Hawai'i pretty much from October through April.

The weather in Hawai'i is pretty constant, so it really does not matter when in these months you go there.

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