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Default Re: Leave for the Ship What's Next

Originally Posted by Leah
Okay so I leave for the ship and am expected to start on 25th
so I assume I will leave the 24th

How do I get from the airport?
Does someone meet me and show me the ropes?
Do I stay overnight in a hotel?
Does someone take me to the ship?

Can someone answer this and give me some insight ?
I expect you are sailing out from miami?

The taxi fare to the port is approx USD 20 (if im not mistaken).

WHen you're hire you should get an information letter stating the address of hotels, port agent, etc.

When onboard, go and see the crew purser (or similar) and they'll get you on the right track. I'm not familiar with rccl procedures, but in NCL there was a tight program for the new crewmembers the first days onboard. Getting to know the safety routines, esape ways etc.

Good luck to you. It's completely normal to feel a bit lost when signing on a cruise ship for the first time. Even I, with years of experience from cargo vessels, was very confused when I first embarked a passenger ship as 1st officer
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