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Originally Posted by You
I learn something new every day on this board.

I didn't realize that men also had the no white after Labor day rule.

thanks Norm
Well, white is basically for wear in warm weather -- but even that has its vagueries. In the northern middle to high temperate latitudes, that basically means from Memorial Day to Labor Day. In the tropics and the low temperate latitidues, that means all year. And in between, there's a transition region where it's acceptable to wear white for progressively earlier and later as you go closer to the tropics, but not for the whole year. And for gentlemen, this also is true of dinner jackets in pastel colors.

Most cruises go to warmer climates where white is proper. In fact, I recently found a contemporary book in social etiquette that takes the position that white is always acceptable on a cruise, essentially making the presumption that a cruise would be in such a warmer climate. In reality, this is more than a little bit of a stretch for cruises to Alaska in May or September, for cruises to Canada and New England in September and October, and for cruises in the Mediterranian in October, November, and December. Theoretically, one also should not wear white on the portions of repositioning cruises that operate in these regions at these times of year, though I certainly would not find fault with somebody who "fudges" for just one "formal" evening at the start or end of such a cruise.

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