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After signing on the Explorer 3 times . . .

You should be getting some kind of info from who hired you - if not call NOW! You need to have a LOE (or letter of employment). Sometimes they mail them, sometimes email. You'll need 2-3 copies.

Most likely they'll be using the Sheraton Mart hotel near the airport. You can take one of the hotels shuttles from the aiport to the hotel. When you check in, they ask for your LOE and ID (credit card if you have one). Also most likely you'll be sharing a room if there's another female signing on. They'll also give you vouchers for meals and a letter stating when the crew shuttle leaves in the morning (unless you want to take a taxi on your own) Usually there's at least 10-20, if not more people signing on any given cruise, so you won't be alone.

They'll dump you off at the ship (the crew entrance). Someone from the crew office comes out to meet everyone and leads you into the ship as a group. Have your passport, medical and LOE in easy reach. If by chance you miss this "group" event - just tell the security guard at the gate you're a new sign on and he'll radio the crew office rep to come get you.

Sometime from when you're standing outside and between you're being 'processed', someone from your department should be coming to meet you, get you to your cabin, let you know when all your training is, get your uniforms, etc, etc. By the time the ship sails (around 5pm?), you'll already have a couple hours of training, a walk-around of the ship, and at least lunch under your belt!

If you get a chance the weekend, check out this link below around 9:00 am Miami time - yes it's a long link and hopefully clickable, but I zoomed in to the crew entrance (this is a port of Miami live cam) - you can zoom in further and maybe will see that weeks signons waiting or getting on the ship

good luck!
sz . . .
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