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Originally Posted by sail7seas
As there are fewer smokers in our population, there will be fewer places smoking is permitted including on all the ships. That certainly will make the insurance companies happy. Less smoking; less risk of fire; happier insurance companies.
Yes, it is true that there are fewer smokers in the population, but the problem is that the ones who do smoke tend to gamble and drink in the lounges. I think HAL is gonna see revenue drop by not allowing smoking in these areas. Bar and gambling are big revenue centers on a ship, unfortunately.

New Jersey just went non-smoking, but they gave some sort of "exemption" to Atlantic City because of the casinos. A compromise was reached that the casinos can retain 25% or something like that of their floor space for those gamblers who wanted to smoke. There was no way they were banning smoking 100%. It would cut too far into their profit margins, which are already beginning to be eroded by the slot parlors Pennsylvania has recently put into place.

HAL will never shaft that relatively small 20% of its passengers who smoke ... because it is specifically that 20% that tends to spend the most money in the casino and in the bars onboard.

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