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I absolutely LOVE the movie theaters on the Holland America ships, they are on the S-class and the R-class, but unfortunately not on the newer Vista class.

On the ships with the Wajang (movie) Theater, you can get fresh popcorn from a popper right outside and an espresso from the coffee bar and walk in and sit in a regular theater-style seat and watch a recently released movie. OK, the screen is small, like those crackerbox theaters they used to build in the 80s, but still, if you sit up front it is great.

I also like to watch movies in my cabin, cruises are a time to unwind for me and that is a great way to do it. If I am in the mood to relax, a movie on the TV with a little room service yogurt (or a bowl of ice cream brought from the ice cream bar in the buffett area) is perfect. Yum, I can't wait to go back.
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