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Originally Posted by sail7seas
On the various Boards I visit, there are always more people who read and do not post than people who post on a regular basis.

I have never been able to understand how some folks don't ever post on any thread. I can see that maybe many threads don't interest them enough to post or maybe they don't have anything to add but for NO SUBJECTS? It is a puzzle to me that they wouldn't want to express an opinion about anything, ever ask a question, every answer a question or simply play around a little.

After years of moderating and administering these boards and as a participant on a number of others it seems that readers outweigh posters about ten to one. I find the main reason for this is that most people are just reading for enjoyment, research or feel they don't have anything to contribute. This is perfectly fine and I find myself falling into these categories most of the time.

There are many sub-groups of people who don't post and the most common are the ones who have a fear of "sounding dumb" and being flamed for it. If it's cruise related, there are very few dumb questions. Even "Is the water in the toilet fresh or salt water?" isn't really that dumb for someone who is interested in engineering or ship's operation.

Many of us have seen the alcohol questions, document questions and port questions many times but for a first time cruiser they are VERY important to them. That is why we answer them like it's the first time. We will also remove any responses that flame or embarrass them. We are very light on the delete key but this is one area where we have little tolerance.

I remember the first time I ever cruised. I asked the infamous alcohol question, on another board, and was flamed as being an alcoholic, cheapskate and rule breaker. No one told me if I could bring a bottle onboard for in cabin consumption. If my skin had been a bit thinner I may never had continued to research my cruise and my life would have been much different.

As you can see I don't have any problem talking but also love people who do.

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