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Judy - you are wonderful, such a help to us all. You even straightened me out on a HAL fact I had wrong.

The truth is that about 40 people lurk for every person who posts. There are good things and bad things about boards where a lot of people post, you are more likely to get your question answered, but you are also more likely to get flamed and have to deal with a bunch of residual "noise" before you get the answer.

One thing I don't understand is people who get ticked off because someone asks a question they just answered, I guess people "should" search a message board before they ask a Q, but who does? I guess they don't realize who common some questions are.

But the people who get mad about it - no one is MAKING YOU answer the same question over & over. If you don't want answer it, don't. Or just type "scroll up."
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