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Default Retiring Onboard? Possible?

I know there have been threads about people who live onboard cruise ships. But most of those people are VERY well-to-do.

What I'm wondering is if it would be possible to move onto a cruise ship in one's old age, and take up residence at a reasonable price?

For starters, I think you'd need to buy and refurbish an older ship for this purpose. The whole ship would be occupied by retirees seeking this lifestyle.

Also, I would imagine there wouldn't be very many port days ... certainly not as many as we come to expect on a "traditional" cruise. To keep costs down perhaps the ship could remain at sea for longer periods, basically drifting along so as not to use too much excess fuel. Perhaps "ports" could be less popular places where the docking charges would not be too high.

These are just some ideas.

Do you have any thoughts as to how to make this lifestyle feasible for the "average bear?"

Blue skies ...

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