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What do we mean by service?

I wrote this article about HAL. I had the worlds best room steward, he even sewed a button on my jacket on his own time when the laundry could not get it done on time. And this was when HAL had a "no tipping required" policy.

Who was the dreaded cruise director? I really don't think I should say, but his first name started with Ed*** and his last name ended with **jas, I once misspelled the last part of it as " *** ass " on a report, completely by mistake, I swear, but he saw it and turned green. He said "My last name only has one "s" !!!!!"

He met a showgirl on one of his cruise terms, and left his wife for her, who was pregnant with their child at time. She and I met online during this (it was a few years after I had left) and I shared email with her for a few months. She was livid as he just stopped making the house payments. Yes, things like that do happen on cruise ships, but not to good people.
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