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You made a great choice selecting this trip. My husband and I took this same cruise in July 2003. The Constellation is a beautiful ship, my favorite (I've been on 6 cruises). Staff is wonderful, and the food was excellent, everything works smoothly and you are able to have a very relaxing vacatiion. Constellation appears on several of the "best" lists.My neighbors went in 2005 and they loved it too. I am not sure if they've changed the itinerery or not for 2007 but we began in Dover, first stop Oslo,Stockholm, Helsinki, St. Petersburg, Tallin (Estonia), northern Germany, Rostock (sp ?) I think is the name of the port, Copenhagen and back to Dover. I can't really say I have a favorite port as each one is unique and you'll be delighted with all you see and learn. In some ways St. Petersburg might be the most dramatic. Do be sure to plan your shore excursions for this city as the ship docks well away from the center of town, as I recall it took our bus about 45 min to get to the heart of St. P.We booked four excursions with Celebrity (and that covered our visa, too) and had excellent guides. Don't miss the Hermitage, the churches and Catherine's Palace. This was my second time in St. P and I was still in awe of this beautiful city. Helsinki is easy to do on your own, be sure to see the market and maybe take a ferry boat ride, we booked a tour in Oslo as I had never been there before and we liked the Folk Museum and Viglind (sp?) Park with all the sculptures. Stockholm is easy to get around but we booked a tour as I hadn't been there for over 30 years and I wanted a complete overview, do be sure and see the Vasa Museum. Tallin is unique, too and very charming. We walked from the ship's dock to the old City. Copenhagen was an overnight so we went to Tivioli which was fun and we did a boat trip thru the canals. Regarding clothes, two nice dresses and/or black or dark colored slacks and fancy tops work fine for dinner. I did not take a long dress and did not feel out of place. I took one pair of dressy black shoes which went with all of my dinner outfits. I try to stay with just a few colors, makes packing easier. Some nights are casual, some informal and two are formal. Take very comfy walking shoes as the sidewalks are often uneven and you do a lot of walking in these cities. Weather was very nice in July but it was chilly and rainy in St. P, so I would suggest some kind of a a jacket. I had a light raincoat with a hood and it came in handy. (But since I live in Seattle I am always prepared for summer showers.) If you have specific questions I'd be happy to answer them,you could write to me off line at Regards, Annie
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