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Originally Posted by You
I have been to Paris, but I never really see the "wow" stuff. I have strolled the Left bank (kind of boring actually), Climbed the Eiffel (everyone must scale it once in life) - did a 20 minute Louvre tour, Venus de Milo and Mona Lisa then GOODBYE.

Arc de Triomphe? Notre Dam (another cathedral) what else is there? any MUST SEE PLACES? I love Versailles by the way. I will not miss that. You can get there by train.

But what else MUST you see in Paris that I have missed?
Your twenty minute tour of the Louvre reminds me of a visitor who came to Boston, asked to go to the New England Acquarium, walked up to and put her hand on the outside of the building, and left, then went home and told her friends that she had seen the New England Acquarium. Yeah, right! So give the Louvre the three or four days that it deserves.

Also, be sure to spend at least a couple afternoons relaxing in Parisian cafes savoring the city's lifestyle.

You might want to go to Notre Dame when they are having services. I understand that the music is fabulous.

And if you really get bored, you can always go to MacDonald's on the Champs Elysee to experience the Parisian corrumption of American culture in the form of a frommageburger and a glass of wine....

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