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DeeDee -

I worked for him on HAL as a stage manager. I went on the ship cold with one week training, and the next week they brought on a new show which needed new sets and light plots. All the setup for the show was done midnight to 6:00 a.m. and then I was supposed to do my daytime activities all day long and run the current shows at night. I had NO time to sleep.

I went to ed*** and told him my asst stage mgr was NO help, and that he refused to take over some of my simple daytime duties so I could sleep. Ed*** didn't back me up.

Jesse was my assistant. he did come around a few days later, but by then it was not much help. what a **jASS!!! And then when I heard about my hostess friend that he stabbed in the back with the home office in Seattle, and THEN his ex-wife, I just thought, "man, this guy deserves all kinds of bad kharma."

A few years ago I was sailing on HAL as a journalist, and he was on as a guest. You should have seen his face when he realized I was there to write about the ship. Jesse was on that ship, too! Working as a stage manager. I didn't have to say anything beyond hello, they could tell I was not happy to see them.

Anyway - I have to say Edwin was the total exception, I worked with a lot of other cruise directors on HAL and they were great. Rick Spath was one, and I hear he is still in the business. Also - do you remember the "TWINS" who were asst cruise directors? I had worked with them 10 years earlier on Royal Viking Line, and saw them again 10 years later on Oceania.
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