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Definitely tell your teen to check out the Teen club first meeting.. kids all show up meet and then lots do their own thing. My son would still show up for any planned activities.. then do his own things.

Walkie Talkies are so....not cool at 17. We tried them at 15 they lasted one afternoon. First of all a bit embarrassing if you are chatting away and mom chimes in.. second so many walkie talkies.. you end up chatting with someone elses kid! . Even if you change channels.. not enough to go round. Also for the Adults they become annoying if you are at the pool and laying next to someone trying to catch a snooze or read their book! HA..

We worked out a message system and let our son know where we would be and gave him a CHECK IN curfew.

we left post it notes on the mirror and on the cabin door. He also left us voice messages. I asked that he call or show up at the room at a certain time so we knew he was ok.. lets say Midnight. If he was still having a good time we gave him a NEW curfew.
NO ALL NIGHTERS allowed as we didnt want him too tired for touring.. Sea Days.. He slept in a bit..

We were pretty predictable on sea days.. had our favorite spots.. when we finally selected a chair somewhere we would call the room and leave a voice message with our location. If he wanted to find us he would check for a message to locate us. He did his own thing for breakfast and lunch. We gave him a set time to return to the room prior to dinner!

It worked out great.

Of course we told him our rules.. NO partying in any CABINS.. only in open areas.

And to walk away if you thought the teens were doing something either against the Law or causing damage to the ship. AND no Elevator.. tours..

He loves cruising.. and the chance to meet people... He still keeps in touch with quite a few.. from past cruises.
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