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Here's something that should help you....

Rules I have for my girls.... now 16 & 13 who have been cruising their entire lives...

They both MUST go to the Camp Carnival or Teen Meet & Greet the first night on-board the ship to meet others their age. From that point on, its really easy. They are allowed to hang out with their friends as long as I have some idea of where they are.

Most of the time at night my husband & I are in the Casino so if they need something or just to check in, they know where to find us should they decide to do something else or change location...

Depending on the ship, most teens are usually on the Lido Deck near the 24 hour pizza or in Club 02 if the ship has one. Last year we could always find the little one hanging out with about 15 others in the Library playing board games.

Definite rules are:

They better be with us at the dinner
They are always with us on the Islands...
They cannot enter anyone elses cabin and noone can enter theirs
If they have a soda and put it down for any reason, they need to dispose of it and purchase another one.... just in case some idiot decides to put something into it... Rather be safe than sorry
If I or someone else happens to catch them doing anything that they should not be doing, then their vacation and mine is over because from that point on, we're together, attached at the hips for the remainder of the cruise.... (and what teen wants to be stuck with their Mom on a Cruise???!!!)

Thankfully I trust my girls enough to allow them this freedom... If I thought for a second that they couldn't be trusted, I don't think I'd be so flexible. And so far, they haven't disappointed me...


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