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Oh My this is hard because there are so many that really should be mentioned. But the first crew member that came to mind is "Shy"
For several years he was on the Maasdam and he is currently on the Veendam. During the morning and lunch hour he is found in the Lido hand out the trays and during dinner he is in the Main Dining Room. He is truly a GEM. Then when I think of Captains I have two that come to mind the first is Captain Frans Consen on the Ryndam he is GRRRRRReat
Then Captain Jonanthan Mercer on the Oosterdam. Then I instantly think of two Hotel Manager. Both who I originally met on my favorite ship the Oosterdam. Henk Mensink who was most recently on the Noordam but will soon be on the Prinsendam and of course James Deering. One of my favorite Concierges (but there has been many) is Tiffany. Tiffany is no longer on a HAL ship but home in the Philipines with her new baby. I guess I could go on and on so I will stop here. It is obvious that it is HAL wonderful crew and the service they provide that makes HAL a great cruiseline.
Lisa L
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