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Originally Posted by Fern
Well, as a person who post's on both of the major cruise boards I have to say that I enjoy this board the most!

Why? Because the people here are "friends". Generally, no one "cuts down" someone who asks a question for the "1000th time".

Everyone here enjoys helping other cruisers without saying "this was already posted-read it!"

Yes, it may have been posted before, but we respect each other and don't care how many times a particular question has been posted!

I think some people don't post on some boards because they're afraid of being "shot down". That won't happen here!

The people here are always happy to help!
I totally agree about this being a much friendlier board than others out there.
People here are very patient and helpful with newbies. And I never see rudeness here, which I see on other boards so often.
On this board you don't get the feeling there is a clique, and that if you say something they don't like, they'll gang up on you.
Another good thing about this board is that there is no heavy-handed censorship as there is on another popular board. The moderators here are fair and don't play favorites. They also don't seem to read into posts but take them on their face value.
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