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Originally Posted by carlalena1

"My first cruise last week was kind of a disappointment, here's why."

"Looks like another drive by poster!"
"The OP clearly is a hit and run!"
"Why don't you find another kind of vacation? Cruising's not for you."
"Notice how the OP hasn't come back."
"If you let those things RUIN your cruise then you need to relax."
"Why don't you try NCL if you don't like rules- or appropriate clothes?"
"Try Carnival if you like a party atmosphere ."
"I guess Oceania is more for you. Goodbye!"
Hi carlalena1,

I believe I've seen your post! You won't find people here who will "shoot down" your posts! If you have a real complaint you'll only find people who either agree or disagree. And they'll generally say so nicely!

I hope you'll stay here for your info and for your opinions ,
"A truly happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery on a detour."

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