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Default I GOT A ZULU COCONUT!!! & Is My TA telling me the truth?

When we booked this group cruise, 5/20/07 on the Conquest, I thought the TA told me final payment was due March 1st. Well this afternoon I get an email telling me the final payment is due to Carnival TOMORROW!! This probably isn't a problem in any other part of the US, but it's Mardi Gras here......people are either in New Orleans or skiing. Well, except me. Even the banks are closed. I am supposed to magically reach 50+ people, get credit card info and get back to her. I really thought the due date was the first of March. Does anyone have any idea on this? I paid mine, so that means I have 47 to go!

I tried to call luck, they won't talk to me because I have a TA

EDIT $523.10 x 47 = $25,525.70, I don't think my credit limit goes this high!


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