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Yes, Rick's wife Patty was very sweet and it was good of HAL to allow her to sail with Rick. I also hear he is with Disney. I wish I could remember some of the other CDs I worked with, but I can be very bad with names.

The twins - they worked on the Statendam with me, and had worked on Royal Viking previously. Jeff & Joe Fithian were their names, and when they were tots they were on the TV show cheaper by the dozen. They have been around for years.

I first met them on RV Sky in 1983, and in 2005 I saw one of them working on Oceania Regatta.

It is funny how when youwork in the cruise business you run into people yuo know. I was onboard the Queen Mary 1 in Long Beach and saw one of the HAL singers I worked with working there.

Then I went on American Queen and saw three of the other singers I had worked with on a different HAL ship working there. People tend to stay with the cruise busuiness for a long time.
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