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Instead of selling units, what about running them like a land-based apartment rental? Each cabin has a one-year lease, cost based on size of the cabin, and the price would include everything a cruise normally includes. The rental for a standard cabin could be, for example, $50,000 per year for double occupancy, and $40,000 for single, the difference being mainly cost of feeding one person as opposed to two, less water use for showers, etc. Toward the end of the year, the occupants would be asked to decide whether they wanted to renew for a year. If not, the cabin would be offered for rent on the open market (or more likely to a looooong waiting list).

I would also do away with bar service, allowing people to provide their own alcohol, and congregate with others in the lounges. Simple entertainment would be nice, if it could be factored into the cost, perhaps a piano player and a string quartet?

What do you think?

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