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Originally Posted by ken6769
Does anyone know if atlantis will let you bring your own alcohol on the ship? Will they take it away if they catch you? or is there anything else they do?
You take it - they find it - they keep it! Just find you a good bartender who has a heavy hand! Most of my friends end up stashing mini-bottles in their checked luggage and never seem to have a problem. Even though it is a private charter - the cruise line is in it for the bucks so they can be kind of hawkish.

You will have a blast man. This will be about my 15th or so cruise and it sure beats the straight cruises with all of the "wide loads" running around from one buffet to the next! At lease the eye candy is full throttle almost everywhere you look. The DJs kick it so you won't be bored. All ages too - lots of really cool people to meet.

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