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Originally Posted by You
Arrive back in Port 7:00 a.m. On the Mariner of the Seas

Was told by Transportation company that I Probaly wouldn't make this 10:50 a.m. flight and should push back the flight till after noon.

What say you?
Have your travel agent find out the earliest flight for which Royal Caribbean will provide transfers to the airport, if you elect to use the cruise line's transfer service, then make sure that your return flight does not leave the airport before that time.

If the ship returns to Port Canaveral directly from a foreign port, U. S. immigration officials usually do not allow anybody to leave the ship until the entire ship -- that is, all passengers and crew -- complete immigration inspection. Thus, one uncooperative passenger who does not report for inspection can hold up the entire disembarkation process. If that happens, or if the immigration agents are slow in conducting the inspection (as happened on one of my cruises), you might not be able to leave the ship before 10:00 or later.

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